Learning to Unlearn

Learning to unlearn as an essential leadership skill

Ever since you were born, you've been programmed to learn, to keep learning for the rest of your physical life. So then, why should you learn to “unlearn?” In this digital age, where there's an increase in speed of life and development, where we're stepping into hybrid environments, connected through screens, where change is a constant. We tend to forget to just breath for a second and look around. Instead we try to keep up.

Why should you think about unlearning now?
As a leader, you require to be analytical, flexible and organised. You’re there to lead into the uncertainty of the future. A key to succes is: comfort in unknown discomfort. How? By unlearning old habits and patterns that hold back, to create new values and beliefs to achieve new successes with your teams.

What will unlearning help me with?
"Unlearning" and "learning" are key skills to have in leadership. It helps you process information in a multi-faceted way. Making connections between action/reaction/people/topics/conflicts. You'll learn how to be flexible in your decision making as well as the strength of diversity in thought within your organisation. To navigate into the unknown - one of the biggest challenges hybrid working and agility poses on businesses.

What does “unlearning" have to do with leading into the future?
History shows that it repeats itself frequently. This also applies to companies. To continuously learn from past successes, failures and attempts to change - you, need to work with what's currently there with data that’s available, to find new ways. To do that, you need to be and think relaxed in any circumstance, letting go of rules and procedures, letting go of limiting beliefs like ‘it’s not good enough’ or ‘what would they think.’ In short: you need to unlearn to identify what methods and systems are necessary for your teams and make room for new perspectives to bring to work to achieve business results.

A workshop that combines performing art, expert talks and insights on how to reframe your limiting thoughts and beliefs

Experiential learning
60 to 90 minutes
Online & Offline
Networking & Mentoring included

Experiential Learning

Elements designed specifically to discover your talents, strengthen your capabilities, and let you instantly feel the positive impacts - learning directly integrated into your time at home or at the workplace.

Real-life and online workshop

We can offer this workshop both offline in real-life at your location or at one of our partners location. Or we can offer a unique online experience.

Networking & Mentoring

A couple of weeks after your workshop we invite all the participants for a one hour online group session. To discuss experiences and network with each other.

Who's this for?

Learning to Unlearn is designed for executives, leaders and key team members who are interested to reframe their limiting beliefs and practice a lifelong learning habit.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner?

Want to make this experience something to remember ? Add a breakfast, lunch or dinner. We offer this add-on to both online as real-life workshop experiences.
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What is the location of this workshop?

We offer these workshops both in real-life as online. We can come to your office or organize a location near you.

Can I book this workshop for my team?

Yes you can! We would love to work with you and discuss special needs and wishes for your team.

What is the maximum capacity of this workshop?

For an intimate experience we recommend 10 - 20 persons. We also have experience with bigger events and groups up to thousands. During the onboarding of your project we will discuss what works best for your workshop

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