These are exciting times. 

New realities and emerging technologies have already begun to radically change our way of living and working. The rapid pace of digitalization has increased our convenience. Workplace efficiency has improved our productivity. How dependent are we on these advancements? The comfort of digital life means forgetting our critical thinking skills, thought-driven actions, and meaningful connections. Curiosity, empathy, intuition. Innate human capabilities such as these are essential to adapting and thriving throughout the challenges of the future. Hatch believes that there are certain qualities technology cannot replace. We are here to help cultivate an array of vital skills for future-proofing the workplace. You will strengthen these skills through immersive learning experiences and collaborative experiments. Resilience, empathy and communication can stimulate your imagination, creativity, and curiosity.

It’s all there, all it takes is practice.

Here’s an opportunity to free yourself from repetition and mundane tasks. An opportunity to take back time from your usual programming. We’re asking you to shift your attention to what makes you human, to what makes you – you!

The human capabilities we want to work on with you present an opportunity to rekindle our curiosity and to imagine the best possible outcomes for the changes ahead. What sets us apart from artificial intelligence and machine learning is our ability to problem solve and think creatively through communication and collaboration with each other. These are the defining characteristics of a humane and healthy society, the foundations of an innovative and inclusive work environment.  

Our capacity for empathy, curiosity, and creativity is limitless. If we strengthen those capabilities together then we are well on our way to building more resilient individuals and communities for the future ahead. 

Hatch strives to offer solutions for the symptoms of the digital age.

Where are we?
Stagnated thinking patterns
Rational decision making
Meticulous control
9 to 5 jobs
Fitting your life around work
Avoiding Risks
Disappointing failures
Avoiding difficult conversations
What we need to develop...
Dynamic ingenuity
Harnessing the power of intuition
Navigating uncertainty
Distributed working
Fitting your work around your life
Consciously taking risks
Failure as a part of success
Listening and open communication

Who we are and what we do.

Hatch began as a conversation between futurists, anthropologists, entrepreneurs, and artists. The team specializes in the future of work and leadership, consulting professionals from all over the world to improve areas that are considered essential to success in future times. Topics include developing courageous leadership, implementing company changemakers, and un-machining yourself. Our work is to pay attention to your work, to strengthen the human capabilities we will need for the future of leadership.